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What Simpson Protocol Method can help with Individuals:

  • Sleep Improvement
  • Holistic Weight and Health Management
  • Anxiety, sadness, stress, fear, phobia etc release
  • Moving Through the Grieving Process
  • Coping with Migraines
  • SP Fertility program
  • Creating Personal Change Behaviors and habits
  • SP Smoke free and health Management
  • SP holistic protocol for Physical Dis Orders
  • Past life and in between lives
  • Progressions
  • Spiritual Evolution

What Simpson Protocol Method can help with Company employees from all above and more:

  • Increasing your intuition, creation, concentration in your work
  • Relationship support with your colleagues and employer
  • Self-certainty, self-worth, self-value realization etc
  • Balance with your professional life and private life
  • SP self-hypnosis training

About Zhi Hypnosis:

You may just feel interested and want to experience hypnosis, or you want to find inner peace and balance, gain more control over certain behaviors or habits, resolve some issues, have better physical and energetic body, or be focused on what you are doing, etc….Did your mind just say: “Yes, yes! I am one of these! ”?

I offer comprehensive individual hypnosis sessions to help you for these and more. I use the powerful Simpson Protocol to guide you reach the highest and deepest levels of hypnosis, which allows YOU to access these root causes of the issue, safely and without trauma and remove their charge or energy that causes the issue or issues.

MOST IMPORTANTLY by using Simpson Protocol: I don’t have to know your story or any particulars about your situation – you know, your mind knows and that is what causes the change. You don’t have to tell me anything- unless you choose.